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  • Stories:
    • This portion of the site covers various stories that are currently being written.
      • The ReLm Of Tyrants Series.
        • Try For Conquest.
        • The Brothers.
        • A Passing Shadow.
        • Ruin Of Evil.
        • When The Wheel Comes Full Circle.
      • The Slayer Chronicles:
        • Three Of Light And One Of Darkness.
      • Past Reality.
      • Maglk.
      • Absent Admirer (The Divine Denizen).

    • Relm Of Tyrants:
      • Part One - Try For Conquest.
        • Covers the acendency of the Tyrant Ditanal and his fledgling northern empire.
      • Part Two - The Brothers.
        • Follows two brothers from an out of the way village who seem to have a role
          to play in the coming battle with Ditanal's powerful and other worldly ally
          the demon Jareem Emardin.
      • Part Three - A passing Shadow.
        • The Tyrant Sias Gladrium has taken the western kingdom and sets his eyes on
          the newly fallen north.
      • Part Four - Ruin Of Evil.
        • The once great tower had fallen and it's once infamous owner killed, but the
          eye can be deceived and so too the histories and subsequent legends. The north
          starts to stir again opening up many old wounds.
      • Part Five - When The Wheel Comes Full Circle.
        • Ten thousand years have passed since the events in part four. The Armadian
          keeper makes a surprise visit to the Southern Coalition amid the storm of the
          Northern lands increased military activity. The discovery of Ditanal's lost
          tower sets in motion a series of events that could spell the doom of the ReLm.

    • The Slayer Chronicles:
      • Part 1 - Three Of Light And One Of Darkness.
        • Sometimes evil is a tool that can be used by those of the light. The birth of
          a human child in the frozen wastes sees the beginning of such a moment, the
          question is will the universe survive.

    • Past Reality.
        • Earth in the near future is a world where peace has learned to flurish but the
          truth behind the past is set to return in a tide of blood.

    • Maglk.
        • The East has invaded bringing with them weapons the west has never seen. The
          ancient order of Paladin's has fallen, it falls to an aging soldier to turn the
          tide. The easts new leader a western youngster with the gift of a caster tries
          to become Maglk while the spirits pick a new guardian.

    • The Absent Admirer (The Divine Denizen).
        • The Ten, the fingers of fate have been struck a fatal blow but the Wizard and,
          his growing empire have made a miscalculation. Will the Dark Tide sweep across
          the lands once more or has fate played one of her many games.


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