Other Artwork

  • Lonely storm clouds in a cold sky,
    My sorrow blown by a restless wind,
    Through the tree tops it howls,
    My screams of anguish, a haunting cry.
  • Upon a track a train raced by,
    It's breaks screeching to save a careless child,
    That child is my fears,
    Running to clutch its tears.
  • In my eyes the tears burn,
    In memory of my failures,
    For they are the cause of the lonely cloud,
    and my beating heart, a bells distant shrill.
  • Upon the wind my coursing blood shouts,
    My name in hope and prayer,
    Calling to a distant love,
    Who hides from the raging storm.
  • There is hope within the thunder,
    Her face alone holds splendid wonder,
    Eyes so clear they offer shelter,
    Mirrored there I see golden splendor.
  • With blazing glory along the horizon,
    I see a crown of shining surrender,
    Emotions whipped up within the storm,
    My defiant refusal gives existance to a hope,
    The indulgent expectation I can never see.


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