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  • AHHhhh....
  • May we all burn in perdition,
    As a lesson for all our bad intentions,
    So listen well to our preaching,
    Others call them insane teachings,
    Call out to the heavens above,
    Heed well the coo's of doves,
    Is it wrong to seek our kind of attention?
    Some will say it is a misconception,
    This is the only way we pray,
    Somthing Of a Devil some may say.
  • Deeds we undo with torturous nails,
    Enormous wails our only hails,
    Mentioning the sweat harmony of our euphoric exhales,
    Elated lungs bellow with a momentous gail,
    Nothing can compare to the self-mutilation,
    This is the only penance, such humiliation,
    In the end it's all the same gain,
    A delightful game of meaningful pain.


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